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Structural Fabricated Buildings
Structural Fabricated Buildings

Structural fabricated steel building is a kind of custom made steel profile structures which are vastly used as warehouse, workshop, supermarket, refrigeration store, show room, shopping mall, storage, etc. We just need the location climate like the local wind, snow and so on for our engineer, then they can design the steel structure exactly. We can provide the service of designing, installation, supervision and training by extra.

Prefabricated Building is widely used owing to its various features and advantages such as resistance to fire, mould, water and rodent.


No Welding Is Required At Site And Hence It Can Be Erected At Difficult Site Where Electricity Is Not Available.

These Sheds Can Be Resold If Required And Hence 100% Cost Of The Shed May Be Recovered.

Dismentable And Relocatable


Factory Sheds


Poultry Sheds

Green House

Vehicle Stand

Community Halls

Canopy Etc

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